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noun - marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity: free from variation or contradiction.


verb - to instill by training.


noun - to increase in size by assimilation of material into the living organism.


Amy Romero

"100% WORTH EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY. Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism several years- i was lost as to what to eat & when. i didn't eat "bad" (so i thought) and i worked out 5-6 days a week, But the weight i gained since diagnosed stayed on. I prayed about it, CBG found me, Justin reached out to me and the rest was history. I lost the goal weight in the first 3 months, then lost another 17-20 on my own. If adjustments needed to be made or questions answered, my coach was there to guide me along the way. I have been able to maintain the weight lost using the Intrinsic Method and still maintaining during Corona 2020! Completely Worth IT. I'd highly recommend their expertise to anyone who needs help and who is committed to the process. You are given everything that is needed for a lifestyle."
-Amy Romero (40 years old, but age doesn't matter!)

Paige Vanzant

"Let’s talk about nutrition. I have been fighting professionally for 7 years, 6 of those in the UFC. I started my MMA career very young and with that had very little true knowledge of diet and health. I had always been very fit and athletic but never knew how much of a science nutrition is. As I get older I naturally gained weight. I noticed making 115lbs for competition was getting harder and harder. Although I never missed weight I thought it would be the smart move to go up a weight class to 125. Which I did and it was the right move at the time. I recently started working with CBG with no changes in my lifestyle other then the super easy to follow diet Justin provided me I am currently walking at the same weight that I was when I was first making 115. I’m feeling healthier then ever and more athletic than I have ever been. If you haven’t seen the rumors here’s the facts straight from me :) My next fight will be back at 115lbs. I can’t wait to show off the changes I have made in my diet and camp. I feel so blessed that CBG and I connected. My next @ufc fight is going to be one to remember for sure :) thanks for all the support over the years. I always have big things happening and the fans keep me smiling."
- Paige Vanzant (pro mma and bareknuckle boxer)

Adam Dycus

"I started working with Taylor about 14 months ago and it’s been the best decision I have made regarding my CrossFit journey. He’s been where I want to be (regional/sanctional athlete) so it just made sense. CBG is the place to be if you want to see yourself grow as an athlete! There is nothing like personalized programming!"
- Adam Dycus (CrossFit Athlete)

Sam Kwant

"I started working with Justin for a few different reasons. Helping with my performance was number one. Nutrition-wise I knew I was doing a few things wrong. I ate clean on my own but when I started working with him I realized how much stuff I was missing like not having enough healthy fats and carbs in my diet. After changing the things he suggested, I noticed I had more energy for my sessions. This all helped with my training and performance allowing me to place 2nd this year at the CrossFit games."
- Sam Kwant (2nd Fittest Man on Earth)

Rita Hicks

"No better time for this post than my birthday!! My last year in my 30’s and I have to say it’s the best I’ve ever felt.. I got diagnosed last year with Hashimoto’s.. I know sounds like a cool motorcycle, but it’s a very uncool autoimmune disease. Turns out I’ve been battling it forever. So once I found out I had an under active thyroid, low testosterone and loads of other endocrine problems I dove into research on fixing it. Turns out diet is the number one way to help auto immune problems.. so as many of you know I’ve been a vegetarian most of my life. Well, this diet eliminates gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, canola oil, and pork.. so I had no idea what to eat now. I was stuck. No protein sources. I got fluffy, and I have never had to pay attention to what I eat. I’ve been put training a bad diet for years. But i has no idea how bad i actually felt! So with no protein sources I decided to start eating meat. And I needed help. Uncharted territory. And honestly by the grace of God I got a DM from Consistency Breeds Growth asking if I needed help with a diet. Was Instagram reading my mind again?? Lol so I said Hell yes!! I can say that 12 weeks into the program I have completely changed my body composition. I gained muscle, lost fat but most important I changed my relationship with food. I am now enjoying eating meat, I don’t have to count calories or look at food like it’s something I have to earn. I now look at it as nourishment.. when I lost weight in the first two weeks eating more food than I ever had I knew they knew something I didnt!! I also have to say that I dont miss being vegetarian at all! I love my lean meat, and eating new foods is like being on a new planet, I almost don’t miss my nachos lol I cant thank Justin Paul Romaire enough he literally changed my life!"
- Rita Hicks (personal trainer, 40 yrs old)

Camilo Lugo

"If you are serious about reaching your physical goals you will not fail with the coaching CBG will provide. CBG’s approach to “dieting” is easy to follow and makes it completely seamless to incorporate in your lifestyle moving forward."
-Camilo Lugo (Busy husband and avid exerciser)

Dana Lugo

"Quarantine diet hasn’t felt like a diet at all! Change is hard but working with @cbg_online_sports makes attaining my ultimate goal of establishing new eating habits that can be sustained for a lifetime easy. I’ve learned so much about food choices and how and when to fuel my body for workouts. I’ve never looked and felt this good. 👍👍 ( thanks to @cl_andres_ for becoming my personal chef)"
- Dana Lugo (Busy wife and avid exerciser)

Courtney Decker

"Working with Justin and his team, at Consistency Breeds Growth, has helped take my athletic performance to the next level. Always putting hard work into YEARS of training, once it was finally combined with a personalized nutritional plan, I saw the results I never thought I would achieve. Through social media, I had seen the physical and performance results local gym friends were getting, while working with Consistency Breeds Growth. I felt very intrigued, being that I am typically a very healthy eater. At first, I joined a four week challenge that included an individualized meal plan to meet my training needs. It worked extremely well, that over time I started doing month-to-month athlete coaching with Justin. Throughout this one on one coaching, I have learned what is beneficial to me to increase stamina, endurance, and strength. Justin has taught me a great deal about what foods to eat before, during and after exercise and racing. He assessed my energy and nutrient needs, by reviewing my day to day eating. I have learned what food choices help control gastrointestinal issues while running and we corrected any issues I had with performance, hydration, and fatigue. When initially signing up, I had performance goals for racing a 5k. After just three weeks, I immediately surpassed those goals and I know the work is not done. As a former Division I Cross Country and Track athlete, I wish I knew then what I now know from working with Justin. If you are looking to either feel and look better or take your athletic performance to the next level, I cannot say enough great things about Consistency Breeds Growth."
- Courtney Decker (Competitive Endurance Athlete)

Victoria Nuccio

"Seeking a coach when you aren’t holding yourself accountable is the first and best step to take when trying to reach your goals. Knowledge is power - and I’ve learned lots. Not only nutrition wise, but learning more about myself and my body in the process of it. Discipline is how you reach a goal. And I’m taking what I’ve learned and will continue this lifestyle as I always do. — eating whole nutritious foods, and sometimes throwing donuts into the mix. 🤪 Everyone falls off at some point, and it’s okay to reach out to others when you feel you’ve lost direction. — so happy I reached out to Consistency Breeds Growth — y’all are rockstars! Over all, the physical body is just that...a physical body....But a healthy body, inside and out is priceless!"
- Victoria Nuccio (Avid Exerciser and Trainer)

Lisa Sabatino

"I signed up with Justin after years of personally tracking macros. I was looking for a program that removed the obsessive & tedious behavior of constantly counting and measuring every single food item I ate. I found this program to be extremely user-friendly and truly helped simplify healthy eating while promoting proper food choices. Additionally, I found myself feeling better and recovering faster than I have in years. I fully recommend Consistency Breeds Growth to anyone looking to overhaul their nutrition and improve not only their diet, but his or her overall health without the mental gymnastics."
- Lisa Sabatino (Busy Wife, Mother and CrossFitter)

Valerie Valente

"Not something I'd normally share on social media but I'm really proud of my progress and how hard I worked. Also, I want people to realize, regardless of the 100 excuses we can come up with to not be able to do it, it can be done. I lost 27 lbs and dropped four sizes during lockdown while working 40+ hrs/week and homeschooling my son. Not to mention how difficult food shopping was for a while there. Dig deep... And make it happen for yourself. I'm healthier and stronger than I've ever been and I'm not done just yet. Thank you Consistency Breeds Growth, Justin Paul Romaire, Rob Blake, Emmy Simpkins, Crossfit Speakeasy, for pushing me to realize my potential. I'm NEVER going back."
- Valerie Valente (Busy Single Mother of 2)

Jesse Krauss

"173 —> 168 Shout out to CBG it was a fun one
- Jesse Krauss (Former Hockey Player)

Renee Stapleton

"CBG did a phenomenal job at being professional and also personable. They made my meals fit around my schedule and tweaked anything that needed to be changed during routine check ins. I could easily reach out with any questions and they responded quickly. My results were phenomenal and I was SO pleased. I will continue to use them in the future and recommend them to anyone!"
-Renee Stapleton (avid CrossFitter)

Caitlin Brennan

"I participated in a nutrition challenge at our gym with Consistency Breeds Growth, right as the pandemic happened. I was a little wary to start due to the trying times, but was assured someone would be with me every step of the way. That is definitely an understatement for this company. Not only was Coach Justin available for consult everyday, but was ready to tweak and make changes to fit my needs during the whole experience! I am someone who consistently exercises and eats 85/15 % healthy daily, so didn't know how results would look when I wanted to build some mass and muscle. Well, not only did I build mass, but lost body fat % too and leaned out. I would recommend CBG to anyone!"
- Caitlin Brennan (CrossFit Athlete)

Saxon Panchik

"I have been working with Justin and his team for the last year leading into the CrossFit Games season. After having them adjust some things in my diet i’ve had the best season to date while knocking off all my nutrition goals!"
-Saxon Panchik (3x CrossFit Games Athlete)

Jill Rizzi

I started working with Justin because i wanted to lose a little bit of weight. I just wanted to lose 10 lbs, but at 44 it wasn't coming off like it used to - I had been eating healthy and working out but couldn't lose an ounce. Justin gave me the blueprint to make it happen and worked within my plant based diet, and the weight came off easily. The program was easy to follow and changed my eating habits. Justin was always available to answer questions and help me along the way. I would highly recommend!"
- Jill Rizzi (Vegan Client)

Ashley Hromyak

"Why hire consistency breeds growth as a coach? I have had the best progress under them. Not only are they knowledgeable ( and they truly understand movement patterns , progression and human physiology ) and they use their knowledge to lay out a perfectly designed plan for me to execute for me to work towards my specific goals. With their plan, I don’t over think , worry or over complicate things . In the past I have made the mistake by winging it myself and going by how I think I should train when I should have had a plan set in stone and made adjustments accordingly as needed. It also holds me accountable. If you aren’t making the progress you want, maybe it’s time to hire them as a coach and trust the process. I have an it’s worked wonders for me. I get feedback constantly and never have doubt in them or what they do. I am 100% satisfied with them as my coach . Don’t forget, athletes from kids soccer to high level pros have a coach. Why not you ? It takes the guess work out of training and nutrient implementation . It’s a guaranteed plan made specifically for you to reach your goals. What are you waiting for ? I can’t stop telling anyone I meet how happy I am with my decision to work with them. My proof is in my progress."
- Ashley Hromyak (IFBB Pro)

Rebecca Romaire

"CBG has helped me accomplish goals I never thought I could! I’ve done two nutrition plans with them. The first, was to lose weight and tone up, which I was able to lose a total of 10 pounds and PR my Fran time! Then, after changing my goals, and wanting to focus on gaining muscle, I did their nutrition plan again, however focusing on a mass phase this time. I was able to gain a total of 15 pounds of muscle and was able to PR most of my lifts! I would recommend CBG to anyone who is looking to gain a healthy relationship with food, and feel better overall!"
- Rebecca Romaire DPT Health Care Worker

Ruth Szymialowicz

"I am currently doing the Intrinsic Diet Plan with CBG. I am two months in and am thrilled with my results so far. I’ve lost weight, but most importantly, I have seen a major change in my body composition! I’m also impressed with the progress of my performance in my workouts. I’m 57 years old and am determined to get in the best shape I’ve ever been in....CBG is getting me there!!"
- Ruth Szymialowicz (Mother of 2, 57 years old)

Brittany Bolella

"I’ve been working with Justin for about a year and a half. Originally, he was my nutrition coach. However, I loved how involved and supportive he was in that role and had seen some of his programming, so I decided to make the switch to CBG for my CrossFit programming as well. I have never been so impressed by anyone’s programming. He truly individualizes my programming, and it’s extremely effective. I feel like I’ve completely transformed as an athlete since he started programming for me almost a year ago. He’s responsive, asks for feedback, and he understands the importance of treating the athlete as a whole person. Working with Justin is the best!"
- Brittany Bolella (Elite CrossFit Athlete)

Anthony Napolitano

"When Justin and I first began to exchange messages about his program, I was initially skeptical. Not skeptical of the program, skeptical that I wouldn't be able to follow it. I had never been able to stick to a plan where I had to count and track macros. When Justin told me I wouldn't have to do that and that his plan would take all of that work out of it for me I was sold. The CBG program was the best thing I could have done for myself. It took all of the hard work out of it and allowed me to just focus on eating good quality foods that made me feel good and perform better in the gym. Not only will I be doing another cut with CBG, I've also already recommended a couple people over to Justin as well because he and his team are the best at what they do!"
- Anthony Napolitano (Busy Father)

Joe Massey

"I was never one to believe in/understand the importance of eating properly based on my fitness goals. I decided to give CBG a chance and i couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only did i lose weight, which wasn’t my overall goal, but my endurance in workouts drastically improved and more importantly, my recovery times have gone down considerably. I used to do one hard workout a day and feel sore the following two days. Now i can do 2-3 workouts a day and feel good as new the following day. Highly recommend Justin and CBG!! So much more than “just a diet”"
- Joe Massey (Fire Fighter and CrossFit Athlete)

Laura Milano

"CrossFit makes you bulky? 2011 only cardio, no weight training vs 6 years of Crossfit and completely changing my diet! Perfect timing to be finished with a 9 week strength phase and 12 week lean phase. It’s not a quick an easy process, it takes a ton of discipline and dedication but it’s all worth it! Ready to start maintenance and celebrate with some cheat meals, sweets and alcohol. Thank you CBG and Justin for being a great coach and once again educating me on how to properly fuel my body for both the mass and cut! It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle! Thank you Branford Crossfit for making me an athlete."
- Laura Milano (40 years old CrossFit Athlete)