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noun - marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity: free from variation or contradiction.


verb - to instill by training.


noun - to increase in size by assimilation of material into the living organism.


Amy Romero

"100% WORTH EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY. Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism several years- i was lost as to what to eat & when. i didn't eat "bad" (so i thought) and i worked out 5-6 days a week, But the weight i gained since diagnosed stayed on. I prayed about it, CBG found me, Justin reached out to me and the rest was history. I lost the goal weight in the first 3 months, then lost another 17-20 on my own. If adjustments needed to be made or questions answered, my coach was there to guide me along the way. I have been able to maintain the weight lost using the Intrinsic Method and still maintaining during Corona 2020! Completely Worth IT. I'd highly recommend their expertise to anyone who needs help and who is committed to the process. You are given everything that is needed for a lifestyle."
-Amy Romero (40 years old, but age doesn't matter!)

Camilo Lugo

"If you are serious about reaching your physical goals you will not fail with the coaching CBG will provide. CBG’s approach to “dieting” is easy to follow and makes it completely seamless to incorporate in your lifestyle moving forward."
-Camilo Lugo (Busy husband and avid exerciser)

Renee Stapleton

"CBG did a phenomenal job at being professional and also personable. They made my meals fit around my schedule and tweaked anything that needed to be changed during routine check ins. I could easily reach out with any questions and they responded quickly. My results were phenomenal and I was SO pleased. I will continue to use them in the future and recommend them to anyone!"
-Renee Stapleton (avid CrossFitter)

Saxon Panchik

"I have been working with Justin and his team for the last year leading into the CrossFit Games season. After having them adjust some things in my diet i’ve had the best season to date while knocking off all my nutrition goals!"
-Saxon Panchik (3x CrossFit Games Athlete)