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Justin Romaire

Co-CEO of Consistency Breeds Growth
Yale University MS

Justin Romaire is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Consistency Breeds Growth (CBG). After playing 4 years of college baseball as a D1 middle relief pitcher he needed something to continue fueling his competitive spirit. He attended Yale University obtaining his MS in Organic Chemistry by synthesizing therapeutic small molecules for HIV-1 virus. This has allowed him to understand the intricate complexity of metabolic disease, and more specifically the mechanisms and complex molecules involving periodized nutrition, energy system training, and the neuroendocrine system. However, it wasn't until he began competing in the sport of CrossFit that he truly realized his educational background could be used to help athletes reach their physical and mental capabilities. Using his educational background as a platform, Justin began building his coaching experience by obtaining his CF Level 1, and Functional Movement System (FMS) Movement Screen Level 1 Certification. With Justin’s experience as a nutrition coach with Renaissance Periodization and sport specific training through Training Think Tank, he founded CBG and has accumulating interactions and observable results with over 500+ clients that fuels his passion to make a difference within the CF community. It helps that his wife is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (infra vide).

Taylor Domengeaux

Co-CEO of Consistency Breeds Growth
Fittest Man in La (2016, 2017)
4x Regional CrossFit athlete

Taylor Domengeaux is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Consistency Breeds Growth. Taylor has been involved in sports his entire life and has always been drawn to strength and conditioning. He played four years of collegiate baseball at Loyola University where his love for fitness really took off. He also obtained my bachelor's degree in business management. Taylor became involved in CrossFit in 2011 and never looked back. He has had the privilege to make it to regionals as an individual athlete in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017. In 2016 and 2017 he earned the title, "Fittest man in Louisiana." Taylor received his CrossFit Level 1 in September 2012 and went through a six month mentorship under one of the head coaches for OPEX, Mike McElroy. Taylor has also covered all of the courses by Training Think Tank which has added to his knowledge bank. Taylor has had many great coaches while being a CrossFit athlete which has allowed him to gain knowledge that he wants to share with other coaches and athletes. His desire is to help athletes reach their max potential and have some fun along the way!

Rebecca Szymialowicz

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Yale New Haven Hospital

Rebecca Szymialowicz has been an avid athlete since a very young age being involved in sports such as gymnastics, swimming, tennis, and track. Her love of the human body, and challenging its every limits, inspired her to earn her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy in order to fully appreciate the true functionality that each and every individual person is capable of. However, it wasn't until she graduated from college that she fell in love with the sport of CrossFit. Although her primary job of physical therapy is in the acute care setting, Rebecca continues to assist CBG with grasping a better understanding and evaluation of the sports performance athletes. Rebecca is dedicated to helping athletes who are returning from an injury, suffering from a current injury, or have an underlying movement limitation they may not be aware of. Rebecca's 7 years of education, 3 years of working experience, mixed with her experience as a CrossFit athlete gives CBG the scientific advantage in truly understanding how the human body can be tested in a safe, controlled environment.

Nick Martin

2x Regional CrossFit Athlete

Nick Martin is a father of two boys. Along with coaching his two boys through life, he has developed a passion for helping competitive athletes. Nick played four years of Division I Football for Liberty University and has a background playing multiple sports at a competitive level. He began CrossFit a week before the open in 2015 and fell in love with the sport. After one year of training he helped a team make it to Regionals in 2016 and then repeated for the 2017 season in the Atlantic Region. Nick does not take a single training session for granted and his love for developing physically stems from his need to get stronger and faster from his years playing football. He has broad experience with strength, conditioning, and sports specific training. His educational experience is developed from the Training Think Tank courses and will continue to grow by coaching competitive athletes with CBG. Nick is passionate about developing others and helping them accomplish their goals!

Mark Wilson

Yale University BS

Mark has played sports his entire life before discovering CrossFit in high school, while trying to build strength without losing his conditioning. Mark quickly realized that he preferred focusing solely on CrossFit and hasn’t looked back. Although he played a bit of rugby while obtaining his BS in economics from Yale University, he continued pouring time and energy into studying CrossFit. Mark obtained his CF Level 1 his junior year of college, and has been coaching as much as possible ever since. Mark's 6+ years experience with the sport has positioned him well to assist newer athletes with understanding the complex rigors of fitness, including those not associated directly with time in the gym, such as nutrition and mental fitness.