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Training Programs



Programming will be accessible to all athletes and will include components of strength, metabolic conditioning, mentality, movement, and accessory-hypertrophy work. The program will be periodized toward competitions and other goals that the athlete wants to achieve. The program is completely individualized and constant feedback between the coach and the athlete will be inordinately helpful for constant progress. Programming will be on a weekly basis provided through the FitBot application. Full access to a coach!

  • Pricing: $200/month on a month to month basis
  • *Year long contracts are negotiable with your coach


A program that is designed to the demographic of athletes at your gym/box. The programming will be updated on a weekly basis after results are analyzed to access the best from each and every athlete. This can include up to 7 days/week of programming depending on the operating hours and needs of your gym. The general physical preparedness program includes strength progressions (Olympic lifting and other power lifting modalities), gymnastics progressions (body weight movements), metabolic conditioning (all energy systems), and optional accessory work (includes, but is not limited to cyclical cool downs and hypertrophy training). This package does not include warm-ups, an on-ramp program, or training for performance athletes (competitors).

  •          1) Price for all gyms - 6 month programming plan - $2 per member/month
  •          2) Price for all gyms - 1 year programming plan - $1.50 per member/month
  •          Minimum of $200 dollars per month for 6 month programming plan
  •          Minimum of $175 dollars per month for 1 year programming plan
  •          $25 extra per month for daily warm-ups

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