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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CBG mission?

The CBG mission is centered around your mission. Our CBG coaches believe that trust is the most critical component of the coach-athlete relationship, and that everything else will follow. At CBG, we provide a designed nutrition or fitness program that encourages consistency throughout your training. Consistency breeds growth.

Do you work with athletes in person or do you only work remotely?

We have CBG coaches all around the United States. Our coaches can work with you in person if you live near New Haven, Connecticut or New Orleans, Louisiana. The bulk of our athletes are remote and are scattered all over the world from the United States to Japan.

What are the advantages of a customized fitness program and/or nutrition plan?

Customized plans for fitness athletes are beginning to emerge. However, this method is not new in other individualized and team sports. Not one athlete is the same, so why should your nutrition or fitness plan? How can you expect to get better than other athletes that follow the same online program you do?

Is the customized nutrition plan separate from the fitness program?

Yes, the customized fitness program is separate from the nutrition plan. However, packages are available and are negotiable with your coach.

Do I only work with one coach or multiple coaches depending on my goals?

We have a variety of coaches that specialize in different fields of sports and conditioning. For example, all of our athletes go through movement and proprioception tests that were built by our DPT on staff, Rebecca. However, she may not be the coach doing your nutrition or designing your fitness program.

How long has CBG been working with athletes?

We have worked with over 500+ athletes and have been working with athletes since 2013.

What type of athletes or people do you work with?

Our CBG coaches have worked with CrossFit games athletes as well as moms and dads. We have customized nutrition plans for major league baseball players, football, and lacrosse teams. If you want to improve your fitness or become more healthy, we have you covered!

What type and how much interaction can I expect with my coach?

Our coaches prefer one on one interaction with their athletes. This helps us better understand your goals and limitations. This connection provides a synergistic approach to your success.

Do you have one type of diet that you customize for different clients?

Our coaches offer several different types of diets that are developed based on the athletes goals and experience. Please see nutrition page for more details.

How do I get involved with CBG?

CBG is actively looking for more coaches! If you are interested in becoming a CBG coach then email us at

Get in touch!

If you are in New Orleans and have any questions, please give us a call. We are looking forward to hearing from you!